CJP Materials

The colour-jet 3D printer materials produce the most realistic models with the highest resolution full CMYK.

CJP Materials have the capability to produce stunningly beautiful, photo-realistic full spectrum models to better evaluate your design intent in the colours you had specified. Our CJP uses a material called VisiJet PXL to build realistic, high-definition, full-colour concept models, assemblies and prototypes. Parts can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted and electroplated, which further expands the options available for finished part characteristics.

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How can I find out more about CJP Materials?

Here at the 3D Print Bureau we have a wealth of knowledge in our field. If you want anymore information on the range of CJP Materials that we offer, please do get in contact with our 3D Printing experts!

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  • VisiJet® PXL™ – This material has excellent colour accuracy. Consisting of core and binder materials, this composite can be used “green” or changed accordingly to meet your needs – from stronger, photo-realistic parts to economical concept models.


At 3D Print Bureau we have a diverse client base from medics to engineers. We regularly produce 3D printing solutions for a wide range of applications including:

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