Outer Casing

Case Study of 3D printing services demonstrated their flexibility – quite literally – in the creation of a durable and stretchy outer casing, 3D printed using TPU 92A. This thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) variant is renowned for its flexibility, resistance to abrasion and tearing, making it an ideal choice for large, durable, and complex elastomer parts.

The versatility of TPU 92A extends to applications requiring shock absorption, a soft touch, or a comfortable grip. Notably, its skin-safe and non-toxic properties make it a go-to material for products in direct contact with the skin, such as phone cases, watchbands, and orthopaedic braces.

At 3D Print Bureau, our capability extends to addressing specific industry needs through innovative materials and advanced 3D printing techniques, contributing to the evolution of manufacturing processes and tooling solutions.