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3D Printing also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of making a physical object from a three dimensional digital model.

Here at 3D Print Bureau we specialise in turning your digital designs in to reality. Our highly trained team of 3D Professionals are experienced in not only just printing your files, but fixing them too. Using the latest in 3D Software we can fix and analyse where necessary to make sure you get the optimum 3D Print from your file.

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3D Processes Compared

Process Description Advantages


Jetted droplets of UV cross-linked polymer

  • Excellent surface finish
  • Full colour life-like parts
  • Multi-material capabilities
Process Description Advantages

FDM (Fuse Deposition Modelling)

Extruded layers of thermoplastic

  • Functional parts
  • Wide range of high performance materials
  • Cost effective
  • Soluble support
  • Large parts up to 1000mm
Process Description Advantages

SLA (Stereolithography)

Vat photopolymerization

  • High quality finish
  • Minimal post processing required
  • Exceptional side wall part quality
Process Description Advantages

PBF (Powder-Bed Fusion)

Powder bed technology

  • Functional, production-grade parts with unrivalled consistency
  • High level of dimensional accuracy
  • Large batch capability

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Want to find out more about any of the 3D Printing processes above. Our 3D Printing experts will be more than happy to help

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The support you have extended towards our recent projects here has been unbelievable! I will continue to recommend your expertise and services to my colleagues and associates.

Robert Snape, API Technologies