3D print services showcasing the lightweight strength of Nylon 12CF in a recent project where we crafted a robust clamp. FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber combines the resilience of Nylon 12 with chopped carbon fibre, achieving the highest flexural strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio among FDM materials.

This not only allows for the creation of tools with exceptional strength and rigidity but also presents an opportunity to replace heavy metal components with lighter, ergonomic carbon fibre alternatives. Nylon 12CF proves to be a game-changer, offering designers the ability to validate designs faster through carbon fibre functional prototypes, steering away from the complexities and expenses associated with traditional metal prototyping processes.

At 3D Print Bureau, our capability extends to addressing specific industry needs through innovative materials and advanced 3D printing techniques, contributing to the evolution of manufacturing processes and tooling solutions.