Machining Fixture - FDM Nylon CF10

Machining Fixture

Case Study of 3D print services that elevated precision engineering to the next level with the creation of a machining fixture utilizing the advanced FDM Nylon CF10 material. FDM Nylon-CF10, a robust blend of nylon and 10% chopped carbon fibre, proved to be an ideal choice for crafting this fixture. Known for its exceptional strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance, the Nylon-CF10 material delivered a durable solution for machining applications. The fixture, 3D printed with precision, exemplifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge materials and technology to provide clients with tailor-made solutions that enhance manufacturing processes.

At 3D Print Bureau, our capability extends to addressing specific industry needs through innovative materials and advanced 3D printing techniques, contributing to the evolution of manufacturing processes and tooling solutions.