ABS-ESD7 Soldering Fixture B

Soldering Fixture

Case Study of 3D print services demonstrated their versatility in a recent project where we utilised ABS-ESD7, a cutting-edge FDM 3D printing material by Stratasys, to engineer a high-performance soldering fixture.

ABS-ESD7 is specifically designed for applications requiring electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, making it an ideal choice for crafting fixtures and jigs for sensitive electronic devices. In this case, the material not only ensured the necessary precision and durability for the soldering process but also showcased its adaptability by being employed in creating functional prototypes for fuel storage and delivery products, as well as cases, enclosures, and packaging.

At 3D Print Bureau, our capability extends to addressing specific industry needs through innovative materials and advanced 3D printing techniques, contributing to the evolution of manufacturing processes and tooling solutions.