DLP Materials

Our Perfactory DLP Mini multi Lens gives clients the best surface finish and resolution available.

Digital Light Processing (DLP), projects images to cure a liquid photopolymer. This technology excels above other processes in overall quality, detail and surface finish. You have a choice of three lens sizes that effect the resolution of the 3D Printed parts - 60, 75 or 85mm.

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How can I find out more about DLP Materials?

Here at the 3D Print Bureau we have a wealth of knowledge in our field. If you want anymore information on the range of DLP Materials that we offer, please do get in contact with our 3D Printing experts!

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  • R5 & R11 – Liquid photopolymer materials that produce robust, accurate and functional parts. Ideal for master patterns in rubber moulding applications
  • RCP30, RC70 & RC90 – The RC Family are ceramic filled materials that are used to build hard-wearing and stiff parts. The material has an opaque peach colour. Ideal for automotive components, light reflectors and chrome electro plating.
  • RCP130 Photosilver – High temperature resistance and excellent surface finish material. A ceramic filled photopolymer that produces highly detailed parts with crisp features.
  • AB-Flex – Combining both AB Materials with DLP technology gives you the absolute closest 3D representation of ABS plastic available. Long term UV-stability and does not lose any physical characteristics or degradation over time.
  • HTM140 – High temperature resistant material with crisper and sharper detail over the other high HDT materials. It can be used in a variety of applications that require thermal resistance. HTM140 is green in colour.


At 3D Print Bureau we have a diverse client base from medics to engineers. We regularly produce 3D printing solutions for a wide range of applications including:

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