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At 3D Print Bureau, our clients represent the leading edge of manufacturing, construction and beyond. From mass production for multi-national corporations to rapid turnaround prototyping when time-to-market is critical, our expert team will guide you through the design process, printer choice, material selection, print technology and post-processing software, ensuring an optimised final product tailored to any industrial application.

Only 3D Print Bureau can offer industry clients the UK’s most comprehensive choice of printers, technologies, materials and post-processing. Relied upon by ambitious designers across every sector, our Stratasys 3D printers are recognised as the leading exponents of PolyJet and FDM technologies. Meanwhile, from FST-rated production-grade thermoplastics for durable tooling to certified-grade resin that delivers to stringent standards, our revolutionary materials satisfy the toughest applications and environments.

Centrally based in the Midlands, 3D Print Bureau is always ready to serve the time-sensitive demands of customers across the UK, shipping 99% of orders on time and over 50% ahead of the standard dispatch date. We’re proud to offer a passionate and personal service, combining transparency with the discretion of our NDA policy for all team members. As trusted partners to industry leaders, you’ll find our team experienced, friendly and always on-hand to assist with any aspect of AM technology.

Big thankyou for not only turning this round quickly, but also the prints are spot on! The Nylon 12 material worked a treat with the live hinge & allowed us to use it repeatedly without breaking.

Product Design Engineer