Established in June 2015 3D Print Bureau offers a bespoke service to its clients, no matter the size or budget.

Each of our customers receive a professional and friendly service - this is because we care about what you think, and we care about what we do.

Our Team

At 3D Print Bureau we pride ourselves on what it means to be part of a team. Every member of the company is encouraged to think creatively and offer up ideas, encouraging a fundamentally, imaginative approach to our work. Our staff’s ability to listen to clients’ requirements ensures that your budget is spent effectively and that we find the right process and materials to use, specifically suited to your end product.

Because of our longevity in the business, we are able to provide reliable advice on your specific applications, knowing the technologies and their capabilities inside out. With experience in numerous and varying industries, 3D Print Bureau has a wealth of experience to guide you through from idea, to design, to print.

Because we have such a wide range of technologies and materials to hand, our team have a plethora of options to suit your needs. We see the initial consultation process as a key aspect of ensuring our clients expectations are a reality. We work with our clients to deliver the prototype they want, with their input. We can help create a realistic product that not only accurately resembles your design, but is sufficiently robust to withstand testing and display requirements.

Big thankyou for not only turning this round quickly, but also the prints are spot on! The Nylon 12 material worked a treat with the live hinge & allowed us to use it repeatedly without breaking.

Product Design Engineer