PBF Materials

Our PBF material PA12’s fine grain produces parts with high density and low porosity, making it possible to deliver crisp textures and detailed surfaces.

This strong, general-purpose material requires no support structure and works equally well for fully functional prototypes or end-use parts. Engineered to produce end-use parts and functional prototypes, this strong, accurate, temperature, and chemically resistant material is ideal for volume production, replacing injection moulded parts.

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  • Nylon PA12 -MJF PA12 Nylon is often referred to as a versatile plastic as it displays several excellent properties, making it suitable for various applications. At volume, PA12 allows for fine feature resolution, strength and accuracy build after build, and is most suitable for higher tolerance requirements such as for assemblies and connector applications.
  • Nylon PA11 – High Yield PA11 delivers production-grade plastic parts for high-volume demands — driving new areas of business growth. This material enables a high nesting density while maintaining high part consistency to deliver production yields. PA11 is ecofriendly and 100% bio-based from sustainable castor oil.