CJP: Colour Jet Printing

  • 3D Printing in full CMYK¬†Colour
  • Ideal for architects, consumer product design and development, education, medical models & more
  • Accurate and consistent colours, including gradients.
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MJP: Multi-Jet Printing

  • Exceptional sharp edges and fine features definition
  • Print in a choice of seven engineered plastics
  • High-fidelity parts you can rely on
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DLP: Digital Light Processing

  • Digital Light Processing 3D Printing technology produces highly accurate parts with excellent resolution
  • DLP is a form of¬†stereolithography
  • DLP 3D printing uses photosensitive resin plastics that are best fit for prototypes, patterns for injection molding, and many metal casting applications
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SLS: Selective Laser Sintering

  • When your designs have hard to reach internal voids this highly precise powder based process is your perfect solution.
  • The most common LS material is Nylon but we can also supply you with a much stronger carbon fiber reinforced material that has the highest strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios of any 3D printed plastic
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FDM: Fused Deposition Modelling

  • FDM Technology builds large parts in strong, stable plastics with a tight tolerance.
  • True engineering grade materials that are great for prototypes or rapid manufacturing.
  • If your design has to withstand tough testing or harsh environments in your work environment, this is the technology for you.
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  • PolyJet technology 3D prints in the widest range of materials, so you can create realistic prototypes that closely resemble your finished products.
  • Model can be printed in layers as fine as 16 microns for smooth surfaces and complex geometries.
  • Material properties range from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to colour and standard to biocompatible.
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