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As a default practice, all customer communication, projects, and models are treated as confidential, shared only with explicit permission.

Recognising the preference for formality, we offer standard NDAs or can review your document. Contact us if you desire a formal NDA before sharing project details.

At 3D Print Bureau, we prioritise safeguarding the confidentiality of our customers’ projects. Recognising the entrusted proprietary information, we are steadfast in upholding this trust.

We understand the significance of education and awareness in maintaining project confidentiality. Regular training and support initiatives are integral to ensuring that our team comprehends the importance of confidentiality and is well-equipped to protect our customers’ sensitive information.

At 3D Print Bureau, our unwavering commitment to safeguarding project confidentiality is paramount. We firmly believe that upholding the highest standards of confidentiality is instrumental in building trust and cultivating enduring relationships with our valued customers.

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The additional benefit of being able to 3D print in colour was something we hadn’t done before – at BlinkInk we always like to try out new technology and find different solutions to creating beautiful models and sets and the talented bunch at 3D Print Bureau really came through with some amazingly detailed prints for us.

Director at Blink Ink