SLA: Stereolithography

Stereolithography (SLA) is a vat polymerization 3D printing process and is the original 3D printing process that is still widely used today for its accuracy and speed. SLA is often used for prototypes, large concept models, and lightweight display models. 

Our Stereolithography machines can create high dimensional accuracy parts with intricate designs and smooth surfaces. It also allows us to print watertight components in clear materials making it easy to test fluid flow found in product designs.

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Technical Information

  • Build Area 800 × 800 × 600 mm (31.50 × 31.50 × 23.62 in.)
  • Ideal for functional prototypes as well as end-use parts in a variety of complex geometries
  • Materials available: Somos Evolve & WaterShed Clear
  • High throughput volume printing for demanding industries