MJP Materials

Our MJP Materials consist of highly durable engineering plastics.

  • Ideal for see-through functional testing and rapid tooling applications
  • Translucent material with high durability and stability
  • Class VI capability for medical applications
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CJP Materials

The colour-jet 3D printer materials produce the most realistic models with the highest resolution full CMYK colours. Ideal for strong, photo-realistic parts.

  • High definition finish for high end prototypes
  • Range of finishing options available
  • Full CMYK colour 3D Printing
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DLP Materials

Digital Light Processing (DLP), projects images to cure a liquid photopolymer. Our Perfactory DLP gives clients the best surface finish and resolution available.

  • Accurate and functional parts
  • High temperature resistance parts
  • Long term UV-Stability
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SLS Materials

The properties of SLS Materials allow them to bridge the gap to volume manufacturing.

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Durable & very good wear resistant parts
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FDM Materials

FDM materials offer specialised properties like toughness, electrostatic dissipation, translucence, biocompatibility, UV Resistance, VO flammability and FST ratings.

  • Mechanically strong & stable over time
  • Materials approved for medical and food-contact use
  • FST (flame, smoke & toxicity) rated materials
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Polyjet Materials

PolyJet 3D Printers give you and amazing range of material options, and can even let you combine several materials in one 3D printed model.

  • Bio-compatible materials in the range
  • High temperature heat resistant materials
  • Exceptional end-product realism with a variety of colours & ‘Shore’ hardnesses available
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