Introducing brand new Netfabb software!

3DPB are now utilising Autodesk Netfabb to help with 3D design

Here at the bureau we love investing in new technologies and software and our recent purchase of Autodesk Netfabb has certainly been our best one yet!

Autodesk Netfabb is software for additive manufacturing and design. It helps to streamline workflows and reduce build errors. This is imperative for us at the bureau as we want to make sure our customers 3D Models are designed and printed to the highest quality and eliminate the chance of build errors during printing.

This new software allows us to convert and import models from many different applications, create models that capitalise on the freedom offered by Additive Manufacturing, maximise the number of parts we can fit on each build as well as drastically reduce the time we take repairing and prepping data to avoid print errors.

We have only had the software for a couple of weeks, however we are already reaping in the benefits. Some of our favourite features of the software includes the conversion capabilities and the automatic repair of any faults on the models.

Here’s to investing in new software…keep your eyes peeled for any new additions to the bureau!