50 windows of creativity – with the Fortus range

Stratasys FDM brings plinths to life

Back in April 2019, one of our customers come to us with an amazing project. It was an opportunity for us to push our Stratasys J750 to its creativity limits, with complex geometries and beautiful colours. You can check out this project here. This time around, our customer Sumit wanted to explore the capabilities of our Fortus range for some larger prints – and he did just that! We caught up with him below, to get the inside scoop on his latest art project…

Hi Sumit! What inspired you on this project?

I was commissioned by Wild in Art to exhibit for their 50 Windows project and decided to create new work for the exhibition, alongside some recent works. I have been working with abstract sculpture for a few years and an ongoing idea is sculptures interacting with their plinths and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to explore these ideas. I exhibited two new 3D printed works alongside an existing Stratasys J750 multi-material 3D print, and a marble sculpture created in 2018 as part of the Digital Stone Project in Italy. I also created two new paintings, a digital painting, and a video.

Why FDM 3D Printing technology this time?

For this project, we were slightly constrained by the budget. If I could work with the J750 every day I would! FDM seemed the most cost-effective way to have relatively large high-quality prints made.

Where can this project be viewed at?

At the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), Manchester, as part of the 50 Windows of Creativity project, a trail of 50 artists’ work in windows across the city. 
Dave Bennett, 3D Print Bureau manager commented:

We turned the prints around in 24 hours, using four Fortus systems plus the F370. It was great team work from all involved and fantastic to see the prints now being displayed.