A look back at TCT 2017

TCT 2017 was a fantastic show, and here we talk about our highlights...

Our team at the 3D Print Bureau had a fantastic time exhibiting at TCT 2017! It was the 22nd annum of TCT and this year played host to a whole new field of emerging technologies. Whilst show season can be an incredibly busy time for our team, their hard work has paid off and we had an incredible stand filled with our latest innovative projects, live printer demonstrations and of course, our ‘Strike a pose with Dave’ competition!

For all of those who visited the show, you would have experienced the fantastic atmosphere and buzz of excitement as new products were launched, expert speakers gave talks and innovative projects were showcased. For those of us at the 3D Print Bureau, it was an opportunity to demonstrate the wide range of industries 3D printing can be used in and the great range of applications 3D technology can be applied to.

Over the course of the three days, we had live demonstrations of our J750; printing full colour keyrings containing a high resolution graphic of the TCT show, and our F370; printing part of our highly popular BMX bike helmet in ASA plastic. Our dedicated team, including our Bureau manager Dave, were on hand to take enquires as well as offering expert advice and information on our services. For our visitors who got to speak to Dave, you would have witnessed his passion for the 3D print industry and the dedication of the entire team as they went out of their way to help customers old and new with their latest projects!

We had a range of models on show which were created for a variety of industries, demonstrating the uses and capabilities of 3D printing. These models highlighted the wide range of materials we are able to print in, be that colours, textures and finishes, as well as the different opacities and strengths we can produce. Some of the models included clear medical models and print outs of a heart which are used for pre-clinical planning, dental models, manufacturing parts such as jigs and fixtures, and composite tools, as well as models used as film props in some well know films!

Our main attraction on the stand though was our ‘Strike a pose with Dave’ competition. Our team had great fun watching all of our visitors pose in our Dave mask and we would like to thank everyone who took part. On behalf on the team, we would also like to say a huge congratulation to Sion Owens and Matt Peers for winning the competition for having the most creative poses, we hope you’re both enjoying your new VR headsets! Our 3D printed Dave head from the Sainsbury’s advert2016 received a great deal of attention at the show and we were delighted to explain the process of how we created the puppets’ expressions for the stop-motion animation with puppeteers Mackinnon and Saunders and animation production company passion pictures.  We also had Dave and his puppet family models on display for our visitor to take a closer look at and we were delighted by the amount of attention they received.

Overall, we hope all of our visitors and customers found the information they needed and TCT a worth wile experience. The TCT show provides an excellent opportunity to check out new and upcoming technologies as well as giving us the chance to meet face to face with our customers old and new. TCT will be exhibiting around the same time next year and we hope to see you there! In the meantime, be sure to explore our new website for the latest news and info on our services! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blogs where we frequently post helpful articles on 3D printing as well as our latest affairs and events!