3D Printed Consumer Products

In order to remain competitive in an ever-changing market, retailers and consumer-orientated industries must be able to adapt to evolving customer demands and industrial trends in an agile way.

3D Printed Consumer Products meets these needs, providing a cost-effective approach to their product development. From consumer electronics to toys and sportswear, key players within the consumer goods industry are reaching out to us to add value to their existing manufacturing solutions. Our Stratasys PolyJet Technology produces ultra-detailed prototypes incorporating smooth rigid, transparent, flexible, and multi-material prototypes that give a realistic representation of a final product.

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Solutions used by our Consumer Products Customers:

  • PolyJet Vero – low cost, high definition, fast lead time
  • PolyJet Agilus/Vero assemblies – rigid and flexible
  • PolyJet Digital ABS plus – strong and liquid/chemical resistant
  • FDM ABS-ASA – durable proof of concept
  • FDM Nylon 12/CF – high strength test parts

3D Printed Consumer Goods Applications:

  • Household Lifestyle Products
  • Public Entertainment Venues
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging
  • Personal Care Products & Jewellery

Big thankyou for not only turning this round quickly, but also the prints are spot on! The Nylon 12 material worked a treat with the live hinge & allowed us to use it repeatedly without breaking.