Industrial 3D Printed Products

The 3D printed industrial products sector includes the production of machinery components, tooling and equipment used in the manufacture of other goods.

With increasing production costs and the digitization of manufacturing, industrial giants must constantly evolve to maintain operational agility and keep costs down. Manufacturers that we work with are therefore increasingly turning to Industrial 3D printing to stay agile, responsive, and most importantly innovative. Implementing new manufacturing and testing procedures can be achieved far quicker and at a lower cost using Industrial 3D Printed parts than conventional methods. High value, low volume products can benefit from reduced stock values, lead time, and costs, when components are replaced by 3D, Printed parts.

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Solutions used by our Industrial Products Customers:

  • PolyJet Digital ABS plus – high strength, high definition, fine features
  • PolyJet Agilus 30 – Flexible, strong, high density
  • FDM PC-ABS & Polycarbonate – low cost, high strength, UL approval
  • FDM ABS-ASA – low cost, durable, accurate

Industrial 3D Printed Product Applications:

  • Tooling components and Jigs
  • Fixtures & Test Beds
  • End-Use Parts
  • Seals and Gaskets

Big thankyou for not only turning this round quickly, but also the prints are spot on! The Nylon 12 material worked a treat with the live hinge & allowed us to use it repeatedly without breaking.