Product Design

3D Printing has had no greater influence in any business sector than Product Design. For decades it has not only revolutionised the design process but also changed how products are made – designing for print rather than manufacture.

A designer's role has always been to ‘think outside of the box’ but with a 3D Printed concept model they can now put their innovation on the desk in front of you. 3D Printing allows us to dream. Not just because the freedom of design it enables is basically limitless, but because it’s a good way to test out our ideas and designs in the real world.

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Solutions used by our Product Design Customers:

  • J850/J826/J55 Colour concept models – high definition, full colour rigid and flexible
  • PolyJet materials – rigid, flexible, high definition, transparent, good surface quality
  • FDM ABS-ASA – low cost, durable, good definition, and accuracy

Product Design Applications:

  • Proof of Concept models
  • Form and Fit models
  • Iterative Design Review
  • Initial Test Samples

The support you have extended towards our recent projects here has been unbelievable! I will continue to recommend your expertise and services to my colleagues and associates.

Robert Snape, API Technologies

3D Print Bureau have supplied me with a high-quality service for a number of years. Their depth of knowledge of the 3D printing process is key to delivering the parts I need. The range of materials and processes they offer is extensive, always using the latest technology.